3. List of medicines and medical products of first aid kits


1. Contents of the first aid kit

Name (INN)Unit of measureQuantity
Medicines and medical devices used for injuries (bleeding, bruises, fractures, dislocations, burns), wounds
1.Hydrogen peroxide, 3% solutionvial1
2.Sterile gauze bandage 5m x 10 cmpcs.1
3.Non-sterile gauze bandage 5m x 10 cmpcs.1
4.Non-sterile gauze bandage 7m x 14 cmpcs.1
5.Medical sterile gauze wipespcs.1
6.Sterile dressing bagpcs.1
7.Medical absorbent cotton, hygroscopic sterile 50 gpcs.1
8.Blood-stopping tourniquetpcs.1
9.Bactericidal adhesive plasterpcs.5
10.Medical Band-Aidpcs.1
11.Tubular elastic bandage No. 1, 3, 6pcs.1 each
12.Medical non-sterile glovescouple1
13.Blunt-nose scissorspcs.1

Recommendations on the use of first aid kits for automobiles:
Means included in the automobile first aid kit for persons injured in road accidents are recommended to be used as follows:
a) when providing first aid to persons injured in road accidents, perform all manipulations with medical gloves;
b) in case of arterial bleeding from a large (main) artery press the vessel with fingers, in the points of pressure to apply tourniquet styptic above the injury, indicating in a note the time of tourniquet application, apply a pressure (tight) bandage on the wound;
c) if there is a wound, apply pressure (tight) bandage, using sterile napkins and bandages or using sterile dressing bag.

If there is no bleeding from the wound and there is no possibility of applying a pressure dressing, apply a sterile napkin to the wound and secure it with a bandage. For micro-injuries use bactericidal adhesive tape.

Hydrogen peroxide, 3% solution

Hydrogen peroxide is used for mechanical cleaning and stopping capillary bleeding from superficial wounds. It is applied to the wound with a sterile gauze napkin.

2. Liability for not having a first aid kit:

Lack of a first aid kit is an administrative offense. Therefore, the owner of the car may be fined 5 MPI. His vehicle will be regarded as “not complying with the established rules of road safety”.

It is important for the driver to remember that the traffic police have the right to check the presence of the first aid kit only if the inspection procedure is followed – with the participation of witnesses and video recording. It is unacceptable to view the contents of the medical kit without proper reasons. The fully equipped first aid kit must be presented to the driver at the technical inspection of the vehicle.

(Absence of the first aid kit in the car in Kazakhstan is considered an administrative violation and according to part 5 of article 590 of the Administrative Code of the RK – “Vehicle management not complying with the established rules of road safety”, is punished by a fine of 5 MCI).

3. Shelf life of the first aid kit:

The first aid kit has a limited shelf life of 4.5 years.

It is important to keep in mind that the date of expiration does not begin with the purchase of the first aid kit, but with the date of manufacture indicated on it.

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