When providing first aid, it is very important to know how to handle a wounded person, in particular to be able to remove the victim’s clothing correctly. This is especially important for fractures, heavy bleeding, loss of consciousness, thermal and chemical burns. Turn over and drag the victim by dislocated and broken limbs – it means to increase pain, cause serious complications and even shock.

The injured person must be properly lifted and if necessary transferred to another place. The wounded person should be lifted gently, supporting them from below. This often requires the involvement of two or three people. If the casualty is conscious, he should put his arms around the neck of the assisting person.

When providing first aid, especially in cases of significant thermal and chemical burns, the victim should be undressed. If the upper extremity is injured, the clothing is first removed from the healthy arm. Then the sleeve is pulled off the injured arm, supporting the entire arm from below. Similarly, pants are removed from the lower extremities.
If it is difficult to remove clothing from the victim, it is ripped open at the seams. Two people are needed to remove clothing and shoes from the victim.

When bleeding, in most cases it is sufficient to simply cut the clothing above the bleeding point. For burns, when clothes stick or even stick to the skin, the cloth should be cut around the burn area: under no circumstances should it be torn off. A bandage is applied over the burned areas.

Handling the casualty is a very important factor in the first aid package. Incorrect handling of the wounded person reduces its effect!

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