2. Where cyclists can ride


Cyclists should move along the streets of settlements and roads only in the rightmost lane in one row, as far to the right as possible. It is allowed to move along the side of the road, if this does not interfere with pedestrians (traffic regulations, 24.166).

It is important to distinguish between the side of the road and the sidewalk, as a cyclist is forbidden to ride on the sidewalk. A cyclist should only ride on the road.

Before departure!
Make sure the bike is in good working order …
do not forget the reflectors on the clothes and wheels, the sound signal…

Where can I ride bicycles, electric scooters and small electric vehicles?

«Along the bike path»
Only bicycles, electric scooters and small electric vehicles are allowed.

«On the bike path»
On the side for cyclists.

«Along the bike lane»
The movement of bicycles is carried out along the bike lane towards the general flow of vehicles.

«By lane for public transport»
If there are no special lanes for bicycles.
– The cyclist is obliged to give way to buses and trolleybuses leaving the stop.

«On the right side of the road and on the side of the road»
The right edge of the roadway, the shoulder (in the absence of a bicycle or cycle path, lanes for cyclists)… or when it is impossible to drive on the right side of the road.
– The car must give way if you are moving straight and it turns. But make sure that the driver sees you, otherwise an accident is possible.

When is it possible to drive on the right side of the road and on the side of the road?

«When cyclists ride in a column»
There should be no more than 10 people in the convoy.
– The distance between the columns should be 80-100 m.

«Bicycle, trailer or load wider than 1 meter»

«Movement in two rows is allowed if the width of the bicycles does not exceed 75 cm»

Where is it forbidden to ride a bike?

«Motorway» and «The road for cars»
Cyclists are strictly prohibited from entering under these signs.

«Cycling is prohibited»
The sign does not prohibit cycling with your hands on the sidewalk or footpath, and in their absence — on the right side of the road.

«Entry is prohibited»
Entry of all vehicles is prohibited.
Including cyclists.

«On the left side of the road»
To the left of the far right lane of roads.

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