Type of violationArticle of CoAOFine (MCI 3692 tg.)
Driving at a forbidden traffic signal or at the forbidding gesture of a traffic controller.ar. 599 p. 110
Entering an intersection or crossing the carriageway of the road in the case of a jam formed, which led to an obstacle (congestion) to the movement of vehicles in the transverse direction.ar. 594 p. 13
Failure to yield the right of way to a pedestrian or other road user, except for drivers of vehicles with the right of way.ar. 600 p. 110
Failure to yield the right of way to a vehicle using the right of way at intersections.ar. 594 p. 215
Failure to give way to a vehicle of operational and special services with simultaneously turned on a flashing beacon and a special sound signal.ar. 598 p. 17
The action provided for in paragraph one of this article, committed repeatedly within one year after the imposition of an administrative penalty.ar. 598 p. 215
Crossing railway tracks outside a railway crossing, entering a railway crossing with a closed or closing barrier or at a prohibitive signal of traffic lights or a crossing guard on duty, as well as stopping or parking at a railway crossing.ar. 607 p. 110

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