When providing first aid, you cannot do without bandaging material and first aid supplies: first aid kits, lockers, sanitary bags.
However, there are cases when instead of these standard means it is necessary to use the means available at the moment. We are talking about the so-called improvised, temporary means.
First aid kits (cabinets) are equipped with standard, factory-made first aid remedies: bandaging material, medicines, disinfectants and simple tools.

In the case of emergency first aid at home, in the field, on highways, it is necessary to use improvised, temporary means. These can include a clean handkerchief, a sheet, a towel and various linens. Sticks, boards, umbrellas, rulers, etc. can be used to immobilize fractured limbs. Skis, sledges, and tree branches can be used to make a makeshift stretcher.

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