Memo The main safety signs that are used on the territory of enterprises.
The table was created on the basis of ST RK GOST R 12.4.026 “Signal colors, safety signs and signal markings. General technical conditions and application procedure”.
Forbidding signs (the color of the sign is red, the shape is round)

Г 01«Smoking is prohibited»

Use when smoking can cause a fire. On doors and walls of rooms, areas where there are flammable and flammable substances, or in rooms where smoking is prohibited

Г 02«It is forbidden to use an open fire and smoke»

Use when an open fire and smoking can cause a fire. On entrance doors, walls of premises, sites, workplaces, containers, production containers

Г 03«Passage is prohibited»

At the entrance to dangerous zones, premises, sites, etc.

Г 04«It is forbidden to extinguish with water»

In locations of electrical equipment, warehouses and other places where water cannot be used to extinguish gorenje or fire

Г 05«It is forbidden to use as drinking water»

On technical water supply and tanks with technical water unsuitable for drinking and household needs

Г 06«Access to outsiders is prohibited»

On the doors of premises, at the entrance to objects, sites, etc. To indicate a ban on entry (passage) into dangerous zones or to indicate a service entrance (passage)

Г 07«The movement of outdoor vehicles is prohibited»

In places where it is forbidden to use outdoor vehicles (for example, loaders or floor conveyors)

Г 08«It is forbidden to touch. Dangerous»

On equipment (equipment components), doors, shields or other surfaces that are dangerous to touch

Г 09«It is forbidden to touch. The case is energized»

On the surface of enclosures, shields, etc., where there is a possibility of electric shock

Г 10«Do not include!»

On control panels and switching on equipment or mechanisms, during repair and commissioning

Г 11«The work (presence) of people with cardiac stimulants is prohibited»

In places and on equipment where it is forbidden for people with implanted cardiac stimulators to work or stay

Г 12«It is forbidden to clutter the aisles and (or) store»

On the evacuation route, at exits, in places where fire protection equipment, first aid kits and other places are located

Г 13«It is forbidden to lift (descend) people along the mine shaft (transportation of passengers is prohibited)»

On the doors of freight elevators and other lifting mechanisms

Г 14«It is forbidden to enter (pass) with animals»

On gates and doors of buildings, structures, premises, objects, territories, etc., where animals should not be, where entry (passage) together with animals is prohibited

Г 15«The work (presence) of people with metal implants is prohibited»

In places, sites and equipment where it is forbidden for people with implanted metal implants to work or stay

Г 16«It is forbidden to spray water»

In places and areas where it is forbidden to spray water

Г 17«It is forbidden to use a mobile (cellular) phone or a portable walkie-talkie»

On the doors of premises, at the entrance to objects where it is forbidden to use communication means that have their own radio frequency electromagnetic fields

Г 18

«Prohibition (other hazards or dangerous actions)»

Use to indicate a hazard not provided for in this standard. The sign must be used together with an explanatory inscription or with an additional safety sign with an explanatory inscription

Г 19«It is forbidden to have metal objects (watches, etc.) with you.»

At the entrance to objects, workplaces, equipment, devices, etc., the scope of the sign can be expanded

Г 20«It is forbidden to eat»

In places and areas of work with substances harmful to health, as well as in places where eating is prohibited. The scope of the sign can be expanded

Г 21«It is forbidden to approach the elements of the equipment with large-amplitude swing movements»

On equipment and equipment maintenance workplaces with elements performing large-amplitude swing movements

Г 22«It is forbidden to take it with your hands. Bulk mass (flimsy packaging)»

On production containers, in warehouses and other places where bulk materials are used

Г 23«It is forbidden to use the elevator to lift (descend) people»

On the doors of freight elevators and other lifting mechanisms. The sign is part of the group safety sign “In case of a fire, do not use the elevator to go out on the stairs”

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