A concussion is a traumatic injury to brain tissue and activity that occurs when you fall from a height on your head, are hit or bruised. Although in most cases there is no external damage to the bones of the skull that protect the brain, the brain itself is damaged as a result of trauma. Small hemorrhages occur in the brain and brain tissue swells.

A concussion is manifested by a momentary loss of consciousness, which may be momentary or may last for hours or even days; breathing and pulse disorders are not uncommon.

Unconsciousness, which is the main symptom of concussion, creates very dangerous moments that could lead to death. If the victim loses consciousness, the first danger is strangulation by a sunken tongue; in an unconscious person who is lying on his back, the tongue will sunk in and close the airway in the nasopharynx. Another danger is vomit entering the airway when vomiting, which is also a symptom of concussion.

First Aid. In order to save the victim’s life, the first thing that must be done is to maintain airway patency. An unconscious person should be placed on his or her side or back with the head rolled up on the side, which is an advantage because it prevents the tongue or vomit from suffocating the person. The victim is placed on the head cold compresses. When breathing is shallow, wheezing or intermittent should immediately take measures to revive the victim by artificial respiration, and if the pulse is weakened – also heart massage.
An unconscious victim should never be given water to drink! If liquids are poured into the unconscious person’s mouth, the liquids can flow into the bronchi and lungs and suffocate the unconscious person.

Every casualty with a concussion should be transported quickly but with every precaution to a medical facility, and the casualty should be accompanied by an attendant. During transport, if the injured person is still unconscious, he should be placed in a stabilized position and, if necessary, artificial respiration and even cardiac massage should be performed at all times.

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